NAQT Illinois State Championship

The IHSSBCA is pleased to sponsor the 14th annual NAQT Illinois State Championship in February 2018. Registration information and logistics will be released in the 2016-17 season. A list of qualified teams will be posted and updated as teams qualify.

NAQT State Championship Qualification

Teams qualify for the NAQT State Championship by finishing in the top 25% of the field at a varsity tournament, or in the top 10% at a tournament with a skill-restricted field (e.g. IHSSBCA Novice and IHSSBCA Turnabout).

Tournaments restricted by grade level are not qualifiers. Conferences and leagues count as tournaments for this purpose. The highest-finishing Small School by NAQT’s definition always qualifies, provided that it finishes in the top half of the tournament.

For tournaments with skill-based (or perceived-skill-based) divisions, the total number of teams at the tournament will be used as the number of teams at the tournament, but only teams from the division of highest (perceived) skill may qualify.

In order to qualify multiple teams for the NAQT State Championship, all teams must qualify at the same tournament. That is, if you wish to enter an A and a B team at the NAQT State Championship, you must have two teams that finish in the top 25% of the same varsity tournament’s field (or in the top 10% of the same skill-restricted tournament).

IHSSBCA will evaluate wildcard bids for the NAQT State Championship. Wildcard bids should include a summary of your team’s season, statistics, and accomplishments, with links where available, and be sent to no later than February 3, 2018.

Previous State Champions

2017: Stevenson (Lincolnshire) A, 30 teams

2016: Auburn (Rockford) A, 40 teams

2015: Auburn (Rockford) A, 36 teams

2014: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy A (Aurora), 40 teams

2013: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (Aurora), 28 teams

2012: Auburn A (Rockford), 24 teams

2011: Adlai E. Stevenson (Lincolnshire), 17 teams

2010: Auburn (Rockford), 18 teams

2009: Auburn (Rockford), 12 teams

2008: Auburn (Rockford), 9 teams

2007: New Trier (Winnetka), 8 teams

2006: Adlai E. Stevenson (Lincolnshire), 12 teams

2005: Adlai E. Stevenson (Lincolnshire),  9 teams

Previous Small School/Class A Champions

2017: Southwestern (Piasa), 6 small school teams

2016: Macomb A, 7 Small School teams

2015: Macomb A, 8 Small School teams

2014: Litchfield, 7 Small School teams

2013: Peoria Christian, 3 Class A teams