Hall of Fame


Dave Adkins (Class of 2017)

Scholastic Bowl Coach Springfield High School, 2001-2015

Varsity Record 795-301

Nine Conference Championships

IHSA Sectional Champions 2008, 2009, 2014

4th Place IHSA State Tournament 2008

3rd Place Masonic State Tournament 2007

Co-coach of Team Illinois – 2008 National Championship Team


Norma Anderson (Class of 2009)

Scholastic Bowl Coach Oakwood High School, 1980–2007

Over 600 career Varsity wins

Thanks to all the student participants, assistant coaches, athletic directors, and principals.

What an educational, challenging, competitive, and memorable experience we had!


Sister John Baricevic, SSND (Class of 2006)

Founder of Scholastic Bowl at Mater Dei High School, 1986–1999

Winner of 357 matches

Charter Member of IHSSBCA

Served on the IHSSBCA Board

Moderator for IHSA State Series

Host of Conference, Masonic, and State Tournaments

IHSA and conference question writer


Joe Bayless (Class of 2013)

Coach, Oblong High School, 1981–1990

Record 220–51, won conference and conference tournament

in 8 of the 9 years

Participated in national tournaments, 1988–1990

My thanks to Jean Heyduck who coached the

Junior Varsity teams, the principal and faculty

who provided hundreds of questions

for practice and matches


Christine Beem (Class of 2014)

Coach, Stillman Valley High School, 1997–2004

Record: 262–98

IHSA Regional Winner: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

IHSA Sectional Winner: 2002, 2003

IHSA Class A State Tournament Champion: 2003

Illinois Masonic Bowl: Regional Winner 2002, 2003; State Third 2003, Fourth 2001

Mid-Northern Conference Champions: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003


Brenda Berg (Class of 2012)

Coach, Carbondale Community High School, 1984–2001

2nd in state 1997

4th in state 1994, 1996

State qualifier 1990

Multiple terms IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee

Host of conference, regional, sectional,

and Masonic Scholastic Bowl tournaments


Dale Boyd (Class of 2010)

Coached at Robinson and Chatham Glenwood,

each for about ten years. Has 900 career victories

and hosted Masonic State Championship.


Brenda Kay Bratcher (Class of 2013)

Head coach, Carterville High School, 1981–2003

Co-founder of Carterville High Scholastic Bowl

Over 350 career victories (all winning seasons)

Helped start the Williamson County Scholastic Bowl Tournament,

the first tournament in Southern Illinois

Winner of Hi-Q TV Scholastic Bowl, 1995

IHSA Regional winner 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003

IHSA Sectional winner 2001, 2002

IHSA State Tournament second place, 2002


Kathleen Brooks-Juergens (Class of 2012)

Coach, Richwoods High School, 1986–2005

IHSA AA State Championship 1993

Charter member IHSSBCA


John T. Burke (Class of 2008)

Coach 1989–2003, 2007-

IHSA State Championships 1997, 2001

IHSA Sectional Championships 1990, 1994, 1997, 2001

Okaw Valley Conf. Championships 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2001


James L. Carney (Class of 2008)

Scholastic Coach

Tournament Organizer

Question Writer

Judge and Moderator

Lockout Board Builder


Jane Carney (Class of 2008)

Q: Why did we do Scholastic Bowl for twenty-five years?



Cheryl Christianson (Class of 2007)

Sterling High School Scholastic Bowl Coach 1989-

Second place at Masonic State 1998, 2003

Over 600 Varsity victories

Hosted Fresh-Soph, Varsity, and Conference tournaments

and Coaches’ Kickoffs, IHSA Regionals and Sectionals

State Committee member and ombudsman


Michael Cleary (Class of 2009)

H. L. Richards H.S.

Scholastic Bowl Coach 1986–2007

Over 350 victories

Hosted tournaments and wrote questions

Several conference and regional championships

Privileged to coach over 700 Richards players


Tom Draski (Class of 2015)

Varsity Scholastic Bowl Coach, Fenwick High School 1999-2011

594-202 Record

IHSA State Series 4th Place (2001, 2004), Final 8 (2005)

3 Sectional Championships

8 Regional Championships

10 League Championships


Tom Durbin (Class of 2005)

Founder of Scholastic Bowl at MacArthur High School, 1985 – _____


Jim Fenton (Class of 2005)

Scholastic Bowl Coach at Carlinville 1987–2005

Winner of almost 700 Matches, Coach in four IHSA Final Fours

Helped found IHSSBCA and served on IHSA Advisory Committee

Hosted 3 Class A State Tournaments and managed 8 Class A State Tournaments


Mary Fisher-Miller (Class of 2012)

Coach, Wenona High School and

Deland-Weldon High School, 1972–1999

Founder of Wenona Rotary Bowl

Charter member, IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Council

Advisory committee, Tri-County Scholastic Bowl


Bruce Fitzgerald (Class of 2009)

Adlai E. Stevenson High School

Head Coach: 16 yrs. ; Asst Coach: 5 yrs.

IHSA State Champions 2000, 2005;

IHSA 2nd place 2004, 2008, 3rd place 2001, 2009

Masonic Bowl State Champions 2000

I love coaching this sport!!!


Mike Gaither (Class of 2010)

Hosted tournaments when doing so required

building your own buzzer system. Played major role in

convincing IHSA to sponsor Scholastic Bowl.


Mark A. Grant (Class of 2016)

Coach at PORTA High School (Petersburg) 2004-2015

Record: 408-67

IHSA Class A State Champions, 2008

3rd Place in 2007, 4th Place in 2011

Masonic 4th Place in 2008 (one-class system)

Masonic Class A 3rd Place in 2011

PORTA Tournament Director 2004-2015

IHSA State Finals Moderator 2014, 2015


Rob Grierson (Class of 2005)

Scholastic Bowl Coach at the Latin School 1984–1996

IHSSBCA Founder, Newsletter Editor, Membership Chair

Coach of Team Illinois 97, 98 (5th), 99, 00 (4th), 01


Cathy Groesch (Class of 2005)

Scholastic Bowl Coach at Springfield Southeast 1982–2001

Winner of 619 Matches

IHSSBCA Secretary, 1994–2000


Michael H. Hendricks (Class of 2013)

Scholastic Bowl Coach

Blue Ridge High School

1982 to 2012

Many thanks to our program supporters and players


Joan Herron (Class of 2013)

Eureka High School Scholastic Bowl


30 years of competition — a lifetime of memories


Tom Holbrook (Class of 2007)

Scholastic Bowl Coach University High School 1983–2003

1999 IHSA Class A State Champion

Over 600 career victories

Owner of the Intercity Bell

Pioneer Classic tournament host


Ken Johnson (Class of 2007)

Founder of Sullivan High School Scholastic Bowl

562 career victories

Director of Ultimate Scholar Tournament


Phyllis Kidd (Class of 2010)

Along with Susan Martin, coached some of the most successful

teams in Illinois history. Hosted many tournaments

and played an active role with IHSSBCA.


Gene Kruse (Class of 2011)

Momence High School, 1972–1976

Bradley Bourbonnais High School, 1976–1995

IHSA Class AA Runner-Up 1992, 1994

Helped organize SICA Bowl conference
Wrote questions for SICA and other tournaments

Taught students that if they had fun and learned

Something new, the tournament was a success!


Harold “Bud” Lachel (Class of 2007)

Cary-Grove High School

Founder and Coach of Scholastic Bowl

1968–1975; 1985–2001; winner of 413 matches

Second in State, 1991; State Qualifier, 1996

Founder of Scholastic Bowl and All-Conference Team for Fox Valley Conference

Host of Conference, Sectional, Masonic Bowl Tournaments


Susan Martin (Class of 2005)

Wheaton North Scholastic Bowl Coach 1985-_____, West Richland 1980–85

Winner of 700+ matches; Masonic State Champion 2003,2004

IHSA State Champion 2002,2003,2004, 2nd 2001, 3rd [tie] 1991

Founded DuPage Valley and Midland Trail conferences


Linda Monge (Class of 2008)

Fairfield Community High School

Scholastic Bowl Coach 1989–2002

14 years of enjoyment with high school students

Over 400 career wins

Five IHSA Sectional Championships

Placed 4th in Class A State 1997

One term on IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee Representative on the IHSSBCA Committee

SIAC Conference President 2 years


Anna Morris (Class of 2017)

Scholastic Bowl Coach Herrin High School, 1980–1994

More than 500 career wins

Helped organize Williamson County Scholar Bowl and SIU Scholastic Hi-Q Tournaments

Played in South Seven and River-to-River Conference

Tournaments: Masonic State, IHSA State, SIU, Williamson County, WPSD, KSDK, SIU-HQ, John A. Logan College, Vanderbilt University University of Illinois, and Rice University

Member IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee


Karen Niemeier (Class of 2006)

Founder and Coach of Scholastic Bowl at Winnebago High School 1981-_____

Winner of 878 Matches; Masonic State Champion 1994; 8 Sectional Championships

IHSA State Champion 1993, 1995; IHSA 3rd. place 1994, 2006

Helped found and Charter Board Member IHSSBCA; Hosted first Masonic tournament

Champions, National Scholastic Showdown, St. Louis, 1994

Hosted Winnebago Invitational for 15 years


Will Oldaker (Class of 2005)

Homewood-Flossmoor Scholastic Bowl Coach 1987–2001

Winner of over 500 Matches, Six IHSA Sectionals, Masonic State Championship

Hosted Tournaments, wrote questions, served on IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee


Bob Pierce (Class of 2015)

Breese Central High School for 9 years

345-90 Record

Most Wins on Scholastic Hi-Q through 1991

Three-Time Conference Champions in Cahokia Conference

Three-Time Conference Champions in South Central Scholastic Conference

As Answers Plus A+, supplied questions to the IHSA State Series, the Masonic Academic Bowl State Series, Show Me Academic Bowl, Michigan State Quiz Bowl, and the IESA State Series


Donna Pinson (Class of 2012)

Coach, Byron High School, 1990–2001

Over 350 victories

IHSA State Champions 2000

IHSA second place 1997

IHSA fourth place 1998

IHSA elite eight 1999

IHSA sweet sixteen 1990


Nick Pitz (Class of 2011)

Moline High School 1993–

Masonic State Champions, 1999; 3rd in 2001; 4th in 2007

Co-Coach of Team Illinois, 2006–2008

National Champions 2007, 2008; Over 600 career wins

Wrote articles, ran tournaments

Charter member, IHSSBCA; State Committee member


John Rathbun (Class of 2017)

E.N. Woodruff High School (Peoria) 1993-2000

Masonic State Champions, 1997

IHSA State Tournament Manager for 15 years

Founding Member of IHSSBCA and First Treasurer

Co-founder of the Peoria Area Scholastic Bowl League

Coordinator of the Peoria Area Scholastic Bowl League, 2003-present


Roma Reed (Smith) (Class of 2006)

Founder and Coach of Scholastic Bowl, Rockridge High School 1974–2001

Championship of Inaugural Masonic State Tournament

Championship of Inaugural Class A State Tournament 1992

IHSA Advisory Board Member 1990–93


Suellyn Rieckelman (Class of 2016)

Coach at Macomb High School, 1995-2016

Class A IHSA State Qualifiers in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011

IHSA Class A 2nd Place in 2011, 3rd Place in 2010

Class AA IHSA State Qualifiers in 2012, 2013, 2016

IHSA Class AA 2nd Place in 2012, 3rd Place in 2013

Masonic State Qualifiers 2010-2013, 2015-2016

Masonic Class A 2nd Place in 2011, 3rd Place in 2010

Masonic Class AA 2nd Place in 2013

Masonic Class 2A 2nd Place in 2015, 3rd Place in 2016


David Riley (Class of 2011)

Head Coach, Loyola Academy, 1993 to present

Charter member, IHSSBCA
President, IHSSBCA 1998–2004

Over 800 career wins

Coach, Team Illinois, 2002–2006, 2010–2011

IHSA Advisory Board Member 1990–93


Kristi Robertson (Class of 2014)

Libertyville High School, 1992–2010

525 Wins

3rd in State, 1997

4th in State, 2007

State Qualifier, 1996, 2002

4 Sectional Titles

8 Regional Titles

8 Conference Titles


Larry Schnorr (Class of 2010)

Coached at Pecatonica and Byron,

each for about fifteen years. Established Mid-Northern Conference

and had several State Finals appearances.


Dennis Scobbie (Class of 2011)

Litchfield High School

Head Coach 1992–2011, Coaching record 635–184

Assistant Coach 1983–1991, record 165–45

IHSA 11 Regional titles

3 Sectional titles

2nd State 2009

Masonic State champs 2010

Charter Member IHSSBCA


Dennis Scobbie (Class of 2011)

Litchfield High School

Head Coach 1992–2011, Coaching record 635–184

Assistant Coach 1983–1991, record 165–45

IHSA 11 Regional titles

3 Sectional titles

2nd State 2009

Masonic State champs 2010

Charter Member IHSSBCA


Dr. Jane A. Simmons (Class of 2016)

Coach at Maine East High School (Park Ridge), 1987-1993

Record: 268-50

Founded school program, founded conference, hosted tournaments

IHSA Sectional titles in 1988 and 1993

Excelled as a teacher and counselor for almost 30 years at Maine East


Jerry Vandemark (Class of 2006)

Scholastic Bowl Coach at Streator High School 1972–1997;

Winner of over 500 matches; 2nd Place in the Masonic State tournament in 1997;

Charter Member IHSSBCA; IHSA Advisory committee; founded conference tournament


Larry Varner (Class of 2008)

Founder and coach at Galva High School, 1973–2008

Winner of 584 varsity matches

Wrote questions and hosted 22 tournaments

Formalized match procedures and

introduced the rebound bonus format in Illinois.


Deb Voorhees (Class of 2015)

Bloomington High School Varsity and JV Coach 1998-2008

508-175 Record

IHSA Sectional Champion 2006, 2007

IHSA Regional Champion 2003-2008

IHSSBCA Secretary and Treasurer

Hosted Conference, Regionals, Sectionals, Masonic Tournaments, and Team Illinois Tryouts


Leroy “Lee” Weinbrenner (Class of 2014)

Coach, Chicago Latin School, 1983–1999

Waukegan High School, 2001–2007

This honor is shared with many students who were

competitive, full of information, willing to travel;

administrators and colleagues who shared ideas,

time, organizational skills, and financial resources;

and especially the parents who trusted us with

their wonderfully bright and rpecious offspring.


Dennis Wyatt (Class of 2009)

Maine East High School, 1993-2006

Career Record 541–166

Won Masonic State and many Invitationals throughout Illinois

Finished 4th in IHSA State and served on IHSA Board

Taught at ACE and moderated GAT and IHSA State Tournaments


Beth Young (Class of 2005)

Quincy High School, 1978–2001

991–167 State; 19–12 National

IHSA 1st Place: 1987, 1988, 1993; IHSA 3rd Place: 1994, 1995; IHSA 4th Place: 2000

Charter Member IHSA Advisory Council; Charter Board Member IHSSBCA