Illinois Scholastic Bowl News

Register for IHSSBCA Turnabouts (1/9)! The Turnabout blacklist has been updated on the Turnabout page.
Need help creating a tournament schedule? IHSSBCA tournament schedules are now online!
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Upcoming Events: HFT at Auburn (12/5), NHBB at Fenwick (12/5), Hendricks Memorial at Blue Ridge (12/5), Ultima at Loyola (12/12), Winnebago F/S (12/12)
Updated Statistics: IHSSBCA Kickoff tournaments
Download our tournament calendar and middle school tournament calendar for a printable view of Illinois scholastic bowl by region.

The list of certified moderators is online! You can become a certified moderator by receiving online or card-based reviews from coaches and other certified moderators.

Our 2010-2011, 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 high school tournament statistics have been added to the database at hsquizbowl.org and updated on our Tournament Central pages.

The September issue of Scholastic Visions features articles about 2015-16 IHSA rule changes, new IHSSBCA schedules, and upcoming tournaments sponsored by the IHSSBCA and the Illinois Masonic Lodge. Scholastic Visions is free to IHSSBCA members and includes important information to help you throughout the year. This issue is available on our new public newsletter page; to receive further issues of Scholastic Visions, become an IHSSBCA member.